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Debtor Creditor Law Attorneys

Matthew D. Kirschenmann

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Debtor Creditor Law

ABST Law is uniquely qualified to provide bankruptcy and debtor-creditor collection legal advice to clients because of their wealth of experience in this area. ABST Law has represented clients providing services in many of the following areas:

  • Representation of creditors in collections both in and out of bankruptcy.
  • Representation of debtors in collections both in and out of bankruptcy.
  • Representing bankruptcy trustees over the past 20 years in all areas, including chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13.

The services provided in this area include representing creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy from the time the bankruptcy petition is filed through closing of the case in such areas as:

  • Attending meeting of creditors.
  • Filing motions for lift of the automatic stay.
  • Prosecuting dischargeability actions.
  • Defending lien avoidance claims.
  • Evaluation hearings and objections to confirmation of plans.

In the areas of representing debtors, ABST Law has represented debtors from pre-bankruptcy advice through confirmation of plans of reorganization. Such advice includes:

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning.
  • Attending meeting of creditors.
  • Defending on dischargeability and discharge actions.
  • Plan proposal and confirmation process.

In the areas of representing bankruptcy trustees, ABST Law has represented trustees is the areas of:

  • Prosecuting preference claims.
  • Fraudulent transfer claims.
  • Lien avoidance claims.
  • Objections to exemptions.
  • Objections to confirmation of the plan through the appellate process.

ABST Law represents clients, not only in bankruptcy proceedings, but also in state collection activities. Such collection process includes obtaining a judgment and executing on the judgment through the means of garnishment, levy and execution, and various means of asset discovery. ABST Law has collected multi-million dollar judgments for its clients and makes an aggressive stance in the collection process.

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