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Serving the Fargo-Moorhead area for more than 43 years.

For more information about our areas of practice, please visit the page at the link below. Within each practice area you will find a summary of the services provided and a list of the attorneys in our law firm who practice in that area.

Areas of Practice


ABST Law has been serving the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding area for more than 41 years. We have a diversified law practice with attorneys that specialize in over 15 different areas of law. Our business practice is substantial. We advise companies of all sizes throughout the United States, from small to large, with regard to all business matters. Our law firm also represents a large number of individuals. We advise individuals with regard to real estate, estate planning, probate, family law, agricultural law and other legal matters. In addition, we have a large litigation practice. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in the state and federal courts of North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Satisfied Clients

Dean CrottyChairman of the Board

Michelle Donarski and her team have been excellent to work with. North Country Business Products has been a long time client of Michelle’s. She is very knowledgeable in the areas of law that we used her for. Michelle is very pleasant to work with and we couldn’t ask for a better attorney for our company.


I was so lucky in finding Jeni. I had been divorced for 8 years and my ex decided to try to relocate with kids. Jeni very promptly got the ball rolling for my case with such vigor and compassion. I appreciated her honesty. She worked very hard on my case and the outcome surpassed my expectations. She was easy to contact and I never had to wait too long to get responses from her. I would recommend her services to anyone needing family law representation. She was worth every dollar I spent and hopefully I will never need her again, but she is my Lawyer for Life (LFL)!

Wayne SandersPresident, Coaches Choice Corporate & Athletic Apparel

We have been working with ABST Law for over 15 years. The quality and professionalism have been second to none! More importantly, the service and response time has put their firm in a class by itself! I would highly recommend them personally and professionally!

Ben CarlsrudPresident, NCI

NCI has partnered with Michelle Donarski and her team for more than a decade. ABST’s level of professionalism and responsiveness, even on the smallest of issues, makes it feel like we have a legal team within our office. As NCI has grown, the diversity of services that ABST is able to offer has allowed NCI to work with a team that knows our business and more importantly who we are.

Lori SchwartzExecutive Director, Lakes & Prairies Community Action

Lakes & Prairies Community Action, CAPLP has worked with Michelle Donarski for over 6 years and we have been more than impressed with her legal services. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and is extremely knowledgeable in employment law. She is very approachable and explains legal jargon in ways that we can understand to help us make the best decision for our organization. She has guided and advised us through some very difficult legal issues. We have always felt 100% confident and secure with her legal advice and service to us!


Jenn was quick to respond to any questions I had. I'm so glad i chose her to work my case, she is the most honest, ethical attorney. My opinions were valued. The process was always explained. She made it easy and simple i couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Firm Client

Jeni was an absolute joy to work with. She is extremely smart, knows the law and most importantly does what is right for the clients. We had an extremely complex stepparent adoption case that involved abandonment among other factors. The birth parent wouldn’t consent so we had an uphill battle for termination of parental rights. Jeni did a great job during our hearing and prepped us very well for the questions. Our family couldn’t be happy with her work and the outcome of our case. I would absolutely recommend Jeni to anyone!


Jennifer is the best family lawyer! She is helpful with explaining what you should expect throughout the custody process, even if it is not always what you want to hear. Jennifer is very personable and always quick to respond to any questions or issues that arise during your case. She helped us to establish child custody, a parenting plan, and a child support review; and is still there now for any questions or issues that come up. I highly recommend Jennifer!

Firm Client

Ms. Albaugh helped us with a multiple state child custody case. She was easy to work with and confident in her understanding of the law being in our favor during the entire process. She was able to have the ND case dismissed and kicked back to SD for our custody fight regarding an infant my husband and I have been raising for over half a year, majority of the child’s life. We were very pleased with Ms. Albaugh handling the case.

Dr. Shelley TownsendOrthodontic Associates

Michelle has been a trusted advisor helping me with business decisions and personal items for many years. She is a talented and excellent attorney.

Dr. Susan MathisonFounder Catalyst Medical Center

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle Donarski and her team at ABST Law for well over a decade. I ask for her advice on a regular basis, and she delivers great insights on a number of topics, from business contracts to employee management. She is timely, efficient and wise. Her counsel is priceless and I am so grateful to work with Michelle Donarski.

Kurt Sandman, PEPrincipal Engineer, Sandman Structural Engineers

We have been working with ABST Law for several years and their expertise to guide us in their areas of expertise has been invaluable. Their personal service and prompt response time is what sets them apart. It has been a joy to work with them.

Randy J. Fugleberg

I am a very proud client of the ABST Law team. I have hired Mike Andrews for different legal matters and Mike has never and I mean never let me down. Mike has won a trial case for our farm and also won a case for my wife dealing with her siblings and her inheritance. Those were the larger cases Mike has also worked for us on other matters and with very much success. I wouldn’t look to any other person for legal advice.

Firm Client

I worked with Ashley Champ on a litigation issue. She was great to work with and did a great job.

Jennifer Johnze

Krista proved to be very knowledgeable and realistic throughout the divorce process. She set expectations and was clear and concise on an action plan. I strongly believe her working relationship with her peers is what ultimately led to the positive results that were obtained. She provided guidance on a professional level while balancing the humanity of the situation; never forgetting the impact the divorce would take on all parties and I highly recommend her. If you are in need of a Divorce or Separation attorney, you will be in great hands with Krista and her dedicated team.

Kane Hanson

I was referred to multiple attorneys and I knew right away Krista was the right choice because I could tell she cared. She also wanted the process to go as smooth and as quick as possible. She did not disappoint me one time and her availability was second to none! Unlike the attorneys across the table she did not rack up the "billable hours." She was considerate and I could not be more pleased with her representation. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring and honest attorney then Krista is my recommendation. Thanks again for everything you did Krista!

Katie Chloupek

Krista has represented me for over 5 years now. She is very professional, honest, calm, passionate, and truly cares about her clients. I would never go to anyone else. I trust her judgment 100 percent. Krista is the best !!!

Drew Kelly

I recently retained Krista to represent me in a family law matter. She was a passionate, yet practical advocate that timely responded to my inquiries. She did a wonderful job representing my interests and obtained a result that I was very pleased with.

Tasha Piehl

Definitely recommend this law firm, great group of attorneys.

Tonia Lizakowski

My experience using Jennifer Albaugh and her paralegal Brooke Raser was nothing short of an amazing experience! They are a great team that works hard to support your case by quick and timely preparation of your documents. They prepare for the "what ifs" to avoid surprises and to be as prepared as possible. They provided me with great advice and guided me through. I won my case and my outcome could not have been any better. It was my VERY BEST day in court. It was because of them. I would love to give them more than Five (5) Stars!!! Thank you Jeni and Brooke!

Caroline Edminston

I have been working with Brooke and Jennifer for about 4 months. They are very courteous, professional, and truly care about their clients. They are very friendly and genuinely interested in completing the case in a timely manner and are always available to answer any and all questions. I would 100 percent recommend their services.

Naomi Lucht

I have been working with Krista Andrews on my case for nearly a year. I could not be happier with her customer service, knowledge and timeliness on everything along the way. Krista was always very genuine, courteous and honest with her guidance and expectations throughout the process. She answered my many questions in a timely manner and was able to provide me with the tools and guidance needed to ensure the best personal outcome possible. I would highly recommend Krista and her firm to anyone looking for exceptional counsel.

Peter Schott

Divorce isn’t an easy experience to go through but working with Krista made the process go so much more smoothly. I appreciated her professionalism, experience, and no-nonsense approach to the process.

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