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Banking Law

ABST Law represents a number of financial institutions in the region.  We have extensive background with all aspects of banking law.  We understand the need for attention to detail when it comes to loan documentation and dispute resolution.  We also understand the need for immediate service to the banking client because of the needs of the borrower. Some of the banking areas that we address are as follows:

Loan Documentation
We have extensive experience in drafting loan documents, including Loan Agreements, Notes, Mortgages, Escrow Agreements, Participation Agreements, and other ancillary loan documents.  We are often called upon to review loan documents that our banking clients have drafted and sometimes draft the documents ourselves.  We realize the importance of proper loan documentation because of the possible need to claim collateral in the event the loan goes into default.

Secured Transactions
Our banking lawyers have worked extensively with numerous banks in properly documenting transactions that fall under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.  Again, this is detailed work and requires attention to proper drafting.  This can be important in the event of a repossession or deficiency proceeding.

ABST Law has handled numerous mortgage foreclosure proceedings and are familiar with both North Dakota and Minnesota law in regard to this process.  Mortgage foreclosure law involves an area where immediate service is necessary because of the default and we understand the needs of the client in that regard.

Through our work with various banking clients, our law firm has handled numerous repossessions, including vehicles, machinery and inventory.  We are well versed in the law of secured transactions as it pertains to repossessions and are called upon periodically to assist in that process.  This is another area of the law where prompt action is important.

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